The ideal solution for roller drives

Variable offset during operation

Figure 1.2: Application for roller drives such as coating rollers; various material thicknesses are processed. The Schmidt-Kupplung coupling allows variable functional shaft offset in the machining process during operation while in continuous synchronisation.

Picture 3: Turning the roller without stopping the machine. The roller can be replaced during operation. This eliminates any cost-intensive start-up for the machine.

The space-saving choice comparing to cardan-shafts

Figure: The space-saving and precision choice for roll-forming machines

Comparing to cardan-shafts the Schmidt-Kupplung builds significantly more compact for modern space-saving applications. Additionally the coupling has a higher torsional stiffness, less backlash and works more precisely. The Schmidt-Kupplung coupling is a dynamically balanced system. Radial vibration is absorbed by the coupling.